Soldier's Spicy Snack

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Created by: cjxsutton

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Prep Time:

1 minute

Cook Time:



20-30 crackers

Other Serving Size



1 "sleeve" of Keebler Club crackers, original

1 bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce

1 fast-food sized packet of mayonnaise (or equivalent amount ~ 1 large teaspoon) 

            or 1 fast-food size packet of spicy mustard

1 packet of StarKist Tuna Creations Hickory Smoked tuna


Open the packet of tuna, and add the mayonnaise or mustard.  Shake about 20 droplets of Frank's Red Hot sauce into the packet as well.  Mix contents.  Place on top of Keebler Club crackers, and enjoy!


I have been using this recipe for over 4 deployments now (two with the 82nd Airborne Division, one with 20th Special Forces Group, and one with 10th Special Forces Group), and every single soldier I introduce it to, loves it so much that they start requesting the ingredients in THEIR care packages.  It's a quick, filling, rather healthy snack - and none of the items have to be refrigerated, which makes it great for combat-arms soldiers pushed out to remote locations!

I've tried it with other flavors, but Hickory Smoked is certainly the best.

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Posted by: perfectdefect
Date Posted: 01-31-2012

This sounds awesome will have to try it, thanks for sharing and God Bless you for what you do, stay safe!!