What is StarKist's Dolphin-Safe Policy?

StarKist Co. is committed to protecting the dolphins and was the first company to adopt a dolphin-safe policy in April 1990. We are proud to share with you our worldwide policy to save dolphin lives. This policy states that:


StarKist will not purchase any tuna caught in association with dolphins.


StarKist continues its practice of refusing to purchase tuna caught with gill or drift nets, which are known to be dangerous to many forms of marine life. StarKist condemns the use of these indiscriminate fishing methods that trap dolphins, whales, and other marine life along with the intended catch of fish.


StarKist was the first major American tuna canning company to make this commitment to the public. We remain committed to this policy and require certification that all tuna we purchase is dolphin-safe. Our dolphin-safe policy includes StarKist tuna, as well as all of our branded and private label products. StarKist tuna is labeled with a special "Dolphin-Safe" logo.